The Warp Core Stabilizers
A premier South African EVE Online Corporation

About WCS.

The Warp Core Stabilizers is primarily a Nullsec PVP corporation but we do love to carebear now and then for those expensive faction and officer mods we cherish so much. WCS consists of mainly South African players with a mixture of EU (Timezone) players that are all focused on having a good time. Currently living and operating out of Nullsec (Sov Space) within our alliance and enjoying every minute of it.

With regular PVP roams, opportunity to take part in some of EVE's largest battles, ship replacement programmes, vast and rich space to exploit and many other South African members, why would you not want to join?

Where do I sign the paperwork?!

If you have a good sense of humor, some pvp experience (or the willingness to learn), close to 15 million skillpoints (chat to a recruiter if you dont and maybe we can make an exception) and a set of full API keys and the ability to use voice communications programmes such as Teamspeak 3 & Mumble, press this button now!

Apply to join WCS.

Contact US

Feel free to mail us, join our public channel or get hold of a reqruiter for more information!

Public Channel: WCS-Pub ingame